Business on-the-go, made easy

Business value driven approaches and strategies to help companies transform their operating models, business functions and business processes with mobility.

Mobility is the key word! Time is money and the only way to bridge the gap is, by literally, carrying your world with you. Keep pace with the demanding conditions by driving your business strategies and approaches with mobility.

Aligned with the overall mobile strategy. ROI and mobility roadmap.
Mobile client architecture choice: Choose the right type of client application - native, hybrid or web.

Ace your game with strategic road-mapping and the know-how to do so in thrifty and changing conditions. Perplexed about the right application for your client? Worry not! KaayLabs believes in holistic training that will aid confident decision making, no matter what the challenge.

Backend integration - Share our experience in integrating mobile applications with a myriad set of backend systems.

Buy vs. build decisions - Guide on decision criteria for mobile solutions.

Integration of new concepts to stay ahead - Recommend the deployment of new and emerging ideas like gamification, social media, streaming and context aware location services.

Innovation is a central theme in everything we do. In order to be the game changers, we need to raise the bar at every step. Constant research and our thirst for knowledge, keeps us abreast of the promising and novel technologies, trends to watch-out for and the faux pas to avoid.

Kaaylabs, with its decades of experience in the mobility domain, has assembled a unique combination of the following

  • Mobile technology expertise and architectural best practices
  • Strategic mobility consulting capability
  • User interface design capability
  • HTML5 Hybrid application development and automated mobile testing platform
  • Strong industry vertical domain knowledge
  • Ability to integrate across standard and proprietary back-end systems
  • Proven ability to deliver award-winning mobile applications
  • Automated Mobile Application Testing and Performance Analysis