Cricket Social

Segment – Sports social app

A complete social and scoring app for cricket lovers. Create your own teams and challenge your friends and family to a game of skill and aptitude. And, since too much of cricket is never enough, keep abreast with all the cricket news that your appetite fancies, with our live updates on scores, tournaments and camaraderie in the cricket world.


Rivet Radio

Segment – News and Broadcasting

Get a personalized mix of bite-sized news, feature stories and podcasts straight to your Android device. Never miss the headlines, with Rivet Radio – as you want it and when you want it, right at your fingertips! Binge-listen to your favorite podcasts and stay up to date on all things that entice your intellect.



Segment – Enterprise Employee Appraisal Software & Application

Company appraisals are no longer the same old annual routine. Constant and real time appreciation based on social recognition is where the trend is at. Fast, efficient and interactive employee recognition that can be shared via social media and internet forums is what Appreiz brings to you. Addressing key issues such as attrition, employee engagement, loyalty and motivation through this easy-to- use app Appriez is an HR manager’s touch stone!



Segment – Geo based driver aggregator app

DriversKart successfully launched its service in Chennai on August 2015 and has flourished to expand to 4 more cities (Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi). Standing out as the pioneer in providing service in B2B space (Zoomcar, carzonrent, etc), Driverskart with its user friendly and feature rich interface is sure to save the busy professional precious time and money. Clocking 400 rides per day with 50 drivers, Driverskart is here to stay.



Segment – Aggregator of everything for offline users

Whether you’d like to book your next Uber ride, a ticket to the next Hollywood blockbuster or that idyllic cottage for your weekend getaway, Onefonecall is your go-to app. OneFoneCall provides all your favorite services on the internet in a convenient offline mode. What’s more? With your very own personal assistance on a call and easy payment through the on-call wallet, this smart app for your smart phone even aggregates the best rates and deals for so that you never miss out. Onefonecall aims to provide seamless service without being at the mercy of your internet provider.

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Segment – News and Magazine

Living abroad and finding it hard to stay grounded to your roots? Stay informed and updated with everything of interest to your community with this downloadable magazine app. Designed specifically keeping in mind the widespread Tamil community throughout the world, Thendral is your window into a nostalgic journey that you can take, wherever you are, and feel right at home.

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Segment – B2B SAAS Platform for order management and sales

RiSE was designed with a vision to be the unsurpassable trade marketplace for brands, suppliers and retailers, alike. Upping the game by raising the level of automation in the retail industry across brands, across verticals and across the size of supplier and retailer, RiSE provides in depth and accurate analytics for the user. Place your retail orders directly on the app as it puts you in touch with multiple and verified suppliers with just a single touch, while suppliers are placed right in the centre of the marketplace to assist in reaching out to customers, facilitating opportunities for multiple orders.



Segment – B2C Product discovery platform

Revury is your very own powerful, yet simple, personal shopping assistant! Search for the right colour and right size of your favorite trending palazzos. Revury will not only ensure that you find what you are looking for, but also do the hard work to ensure you get the best bargain. With researched prices, product reviews and tips, tricks and suggestions as it scans multiple seller options, you will be sure to get best bang for your buck. Pivoting towards incorporating a physical store into the platform to Revury is well on its way to providing a superior discovery experience.



Segment – Location based Social app

Fight A Bug is a revolutionary social media platform catering to parents for them to be aware of illnesses and outbreaks in the community (flu, measles, etc.). Designed on extensive research, FAB is built especially for America keeping in mind the various specific parameters that influence a disease to go viral. FAB enables the users to alert other users on symptoms and medicine in real time through user feeds. The rich sources of data are vital to analytics for devising precautionary measures for the future.



Segment – Hyper local Grocery app

SnapOrder, having acquired the thriving Orderrabbit, brings to us a next generation app to connect locals store and customers. The software seamlessly improves engagement and awareness between customers and local stores to compete with retail giants such as supermarket chains and online stores.



Segment – Listing website for B2B buyers and sellers

Looking to find a quality vendor in B2B services in just a few easy steps? Look no further than Socionation! With multiple recommendations from verified sources, finding the service provider that is right for you has never been easier. Socionation promises to provide you quality vendors with their trusted reviewing process. First of its kind, Socionation currently has a growing network of 100 companies in multiple segments.

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