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Social Media

The essence of the success of social media lies in the fact that we are all social beings with a compounding thirst for technology and an infinite curiosity about the digital universe.

Our excellence in curating custom created social apps is sure to keep your audience engaged, excited and asking for more. It is, but natural, for a business to embrace this tool as a dynamic channel of expression.

Our dedicated team of jitterbugs is sure to guide you through the shifting demands of social media, to be that next trending hashtag or viral GIF!


It is no surprise that the mobile phone is rated amongst the top 3 belongings that a person will not leave home without!

Information on-the-go, real-time updates and evolving approaches to problem solving have long replaced the passé duties of our virtual companions of merely exchanging phone calls and SMS.

Mobile Apps are here to stay. Whether it is to streamline your weekly to-do list or pacify your pedantic customer with the assuring updates of progress, we will demonstrate just how to outsmart that smart phone.


Analytics, has been the boon of the decade, in showing organizations and companies, on how they could do things better given what they know.

Getting the right analytics for your firm is more than just reports.


As, one of the major piece of this puzzle, cloud computing has radicalized system administration, cost and efficiency, giving a level playing field for organizations, big and small.